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Why You Need a Motorcycle Dashcam

Today’s roads present the risk of incident for the motorcycle rider. When there’s a ticket or accident, you want at fault evidence. Get a motorcycle dashcam.

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Although motorcyclists usually suffer fewer injuries than car drivers, though they are usually much more severe, most are traumatic brain injuries and broken bones.

The ratio of motorcycle accident injuries is less than 500 for every 100 million miles traveled. However, frequent riders face a growing need to protect themselves in the case of accused liability about a road incident. Likewise, even though they share no guilt, the subsequent court litigation is costly.

A motorcycle dash cam will provide their personal injury lawyer with the at-fault evidence they need to get the medical bills and other expenses paid.

Motorcycle Dashcams Record Accidents & Incidents

The well-equipped motorcycle rider recognizes the function of an onboard motorcycle dashcam. Additionally, they treasure its ability to record the ride. The motorcycle enthusiast can use the same SD memory card for hundreds of miles.

Most motorcycle dashcams have continuous loop recording to capture a single snapshot or three to five minutes of video surrounding an incident. The rider may need to verify they are not liable for an incident with another vehicle or proof for insurance claims.

Since many of these onboard cameras for motorcycles have built-in GPS, they have proof of how fast they were going with a timestamp and mile markers. Once you match these up, you can often get your speeding ticket dismissed due to a “lack of evidence.”

When in accidents with cars or trucks, police officials and insurance agencies will automatically assume the motorcycle driver was at fault. This bias may be improper. Therefore, the motorcycle driver needs evidence to show “reasonable doubt,” which is the standard even in traffic court.

motorcycle dashcam
A motorcycle dashcam records the road ahead and incidents to either side.

Legal Restrictions for a Motorcycle Dashcam

When the motorcycle rider records the ride, they can show without a doubt precisely what happened, so there is no bias.

Many states allow a motorcycle dashcam to record the ride within specific parameters. In Portland, Maine, you can use a dashcam so long as it doesn’t interfere with the driver’s field of view.

According to the Freightwaves.com article, Dashcam Laws by State, “Maine allows dashcams on the windshield or dashboard as long as it doesn’t interfere with the driver’s vision. Maine’s law has an exemption for ‘…required or provided equipment of the vehicle…’ which could apply to dashcams in trucks.”

Of course, there are privacy laws that could be violated when you capture a conversation with someone without their knowledge. It is your responsibility to know and abide by the laws in your municipality.

In states with high incidents and fatalities, the continuous loop recording video will determine if a rider is at fault in an incident or were victimized and due compensation for their injuries or relief from guilt in case of a traffic ticket.

Avoid Costly Litigation with a Motorcycle Dashcam

Road incidents can costs riders thousands of dollars in damages and court fees, so the need for verification is high for frequent and long-distance riders.

A motorcycle dashcam could record the road for the rider’s entertainment and record a pleasure ride tour of the wildlife along Maine’s highways. Cumberland County, especially this time of year when the leaves are turning, is a beautiful and pristine ride. It is likely one you will want to remember.  

Motorcycle riders face many obstacles for a pleasurable ride on today’s roads. However, with a dash cam, they can record the incidents to protect themselves from prosecution. With a motorcycle dashcam, they always have a witness onboard. 

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