Dashcams for Cars 2021

Top Five Dashcams for Cars 2021

In Cumberland County, Maine, the Sheriff Department in Portland, Maine, will add more of these dashcams for cars in 2021 and ’22 to their law enforcement fleet. Shop Dalton’s Dashcams today.

These dashcams for cars will assist the Cumberland County, Maine, Sheriff Department protect law enforcement officers (LEO) and Maine citizens.

However, these excellent tools aren’t only used in police and law enforcement cruisers anymore. In the interest of the increased popularity of these dashcams, there are many more private citizens using these car dashcams today. But, which do we see as the top five dash cams for trucks, cars, and vans? Let’s take a look.

The Garmin Dash Cam Mini

#5 Dashcams for Cars – Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2

When you’re looking for a miniature dashcam, which takes up the minimum space on your dashboard or windshield try the Garmin Dash Cam Mini — it’s perfect. The Garmin Dash Cam Mini is no bigger than the standard key fob. So that doesn’t leave much room for the display.

But that’s OK! That’s how it was planned. Use the APP to view a live feed or a recording with a Garmin Drive smartphone app. Many even sit their phone close while having dinner to watch their truck, car, or van. A little paranoid for me, but to each his or her own, as they say.

The Vicseed 4-in-1 Cell Phone Car Mount

Therefore, rather than worrying about where on your dashboard or windshield you will mount your dashcam, just mount the Vicseed versatile phone charging mount where the dashcam display will be handy to swipe with a fingertip and stop worrying about the LEO catching you talking on the cell phone.

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Vantrue N2S

#4 Dashcams for Cars – Vantrue N2S 4K Uber Dual Dash Cam

The Vantrue N2S records the road ahead and what’s going on in the cabin. It is excellent at capturing those silly moments your kids and friends create that you would normally miss while driving. Now those are recorded for posterity. Even the moments many Uber and Lyft drivers might want to forget but they need the evidence to show law enforcement after a robbery.

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The Vantrue S1

#3 Dashcams for Cars – Vantrue S1

The Vantrue S1 is great for recording is coming up behind them, such as those road rage idiots playing bumper tag. The Vantrue S1 has two cameras, the 4k resolution camera that is front-facing and the rear-facing 1080p camera. This is an ideal feature for picking up the license plate before you get rear-ended.

It’s a simple setup. However, if you are not mechanically inclined, you may have trouble running the cable from the front to the rear of the vehicle where the rear camera will be set up. But, it is worth a few dollars to get a mechanic to hook it up and make those wires disappear under your car’s interior upholstery. So, just hire someone and forget about it forever.

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The Nextbase 622GW

#2 Dashcams for Cars – Nextbase 622GW

The Nextbase 622 GW is one of our most expensive models. But all the features make it well worth the price. Seriously, every feature you can find on dashcams for cars and all that you would wish for are there. What’s more, when you need to prove which driver was at fault in court, you won’t want cheap; you’ll want accurate.

Plus, this is one of the few dash cams that you can actually read the license plate. The front-facing 4k resolution easily picks up the smallest details — day or night. The Nextbase 622 GW has Alexa support, emergency SOS, and Bluetooth connectivity. The emergency SOS will notify 911 services when you’re in an accident. Use the Super Slo-mo feature to record and read license plates at night.

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The Vantrue N4

#1 – The Best in Dashcams for Cars Is the Vantrue N4

The Vanture X4 is truly unique. It has everything a driver needs for about 50 percent less than other top brands. It has a high-quality camera, with excellent resolution and true Infrared (IR) Night Vision, a 24-hour monitor for your parked car, plus GPS tracking. Many of these features are touch-screen activated for ease of use and they’re located right on the display, which means you won’t need an additional app. Lord knows your phone is already full of those.

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This is the Z-Edge, shop for one here.

Note: Some municipalities prohibit or regulate the use of these devices. You are responsible to comply with the privacy rights of riders and the applicable laws in the jurisdiction where you will use these devices.


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