7 Adaptive Dashcams You Must Consider for Security & Fun

What Is an Adaptive Dashcam?

Adaptive Dashcam - the NextBase 622GW

An adaptive dashcam provides video of the events surrounding an incident with your car. Shop Dalton’s Dashcams & Driving Accessories for an adaptive dashcam.

Adaptive dashcams have helped people get out of traffic tickets and provided video proof after being wrongfully accused of causing accidents in Portland, Maine.

Why you need an Adaptive Dashcam

If an accident occurs, one of the most stressful things is gathering information and witnesses. With adaptive dashcams, you have an onboard witness. The video could show what happened to everyone involved and help maintain your security. Here are some of the adaptive dash cams you can find in Portland and Cumberland County, Maine.

#1 — The Thinkware U1000 Dash Cam

The Thinkware U1000 adaptive dashcam has excellent quality video and GPS positioning for vehicles in motion detection. You can hookup this adaptive dash cam to your compatible smartphone for real-time footage.

Can an Adaptive Dashcam Save You on Insurance?

According to an Insurance.com article, although no insurance companies in Portland, Maine offer a specific discount for having a dashcam, it could save you in case of an accident.

A dashboard camera can be an excellent witness if another driver rams into your vehicle. Having proof that you were not at fault in an accident can save you from a major premium increase, keeping your car insurance affordable.”

Insurance.com – Does a dashcam lower insurance? By Mark Vallett, dated 23 June 2021.

#2 — Next Base 622GW

Nextbase 622GW ultra-slim dash cams record in Full HD resolution without compromising frame rates or bitrates clear footage at 30fps. Nextbase 622GW dash cams have built-in GPS, so your driving routes are always documented thanks to mapping data stored onboard.

This could easily be the number one dashcam in this category. However, the $499.99 price tag will make it prohibitive for some buyers. What a buyer needs to bear in mind is that when it comes to your family’s protection, an inexpensive dashcam might not be a bargain. When you need video from your dashcam in a civil suit, is no time to be frugal.

Some lawsuits to recover compensate medical bills and car replacement can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. You need an accurate video to clear your name.

#3 — Vantrue Dual 1080p

Do you need a way to capture your driving adventures within Portland, Maine in Cumberland County, or out on the road while on vacation? The Vantrue Dual 1080p dashcam can take stunning full HD footage at 30fps. This dual front and rear 1080p dashcam also has GPS location tracking.

#4 — The Rexing V1 Adaptive Dashcam

The Rexing V1 adaptive dash cams have a 1080p video camera with features such as G-Sensor, loop recording, and motion detection that help ensure no detail gets missed. It has a 120-degree wide-angle lens which means no matter what direction traffic may come from it will be viewable.

#5 — The Garmin Mini 2

The Garmin Mini 2 adaptive dash cam can hook up to your car’s headlight and has sound capabilities. With motion-activated parking sensors, it will always know how far something is in front.

#6 — Motorcycle Dashcam VSYSTO

Motorcycle Dashcam VSYSTO comes equipped with sensors that automatically start recording whenever movement is detected. With a memory card that can store videos, it is ideal for long-distance rides. If you’re only looking for a dashcam for your motorcycle, this could very well be the best adaptive dashcam for you.

#7 — The Street Guardian Adaptive Dashcam

The Street Guardian adaptive dash cams can be customized to your needs. It features an advanced G-Sensor system that automatically activates sensing motion and shuts off after 20 minutes or if the sensors sense no movement.

Where to Buy an Adaptive Dash Cams in Cumberland County, Maine

In Portland, Maine or anywhere within Cumberland County, Maine, you can find these adaptive dashcams. It is essential to be mindful of your surroundings. What you can’t see on the road is often just as crucial as what you can. That’s why you should choose to invest in adaptive dashcams to enhance your road security.

Shop for an adaptive dashcam at Dalton’s Dashcams & Driving Accessories.

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